Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Balancing Act

Something amazing happened today. I am PMS and I know it. In fact, I burst into tears on the phone with a friend earlier for pretty much no reason at all. So it didn't come as a huge surprise that I had a short fuse with the kids as we fixed tacos for dinner. They were especially wound up - squealing and giggling at ear-splitting top volume and being especially goofy. I snapped at them. I scolded. I got frustrated and tongue-tied. I lost my patience and yelled.

And through it all, we made tacos, ate tacos, and they continued to laugh. I claimed my frustration. We all watched my fuse burn, explode, burn. The girls stayed in balance.

I have been working very hard at staying in balance no matter what is going on around me. Being hormonally challenged makes that a hard to reach goal, but even then, I strive for it. I think I've been doing a descent job, too, staying unruffled the majority of the time. There has been smoother sailing around here of late, and that has been awesome.

It appears that I've gotten an added bonus - for those moments when I fall off balance, the girls continue to hold it. And this allows me to get back to it more quickly and easily.

Thanks, kiddos!

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