Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Coming Back

Creeaaak. I peek behind me. My Spirit Guide, Grey Wolf, smiles and nods towards the door. "It's pretty dark in there," I whisper.

"Go on," he says, "I'm right behind you."

Behind him, I can hear the shuffling of feet and then Meg hands me a feather duster. "Use this to clear the cobwebs, keeps them out of your hair," she says and smiles. I swing the blue and green iridescent peacock feathers in a wide arch in front of me and push the door open a bit farther. A cold draft drifts past and I shiver. Wolf lays his hand on my shoulder and nudges me forward.

I feel a hand on my other shoulder and Trish hands me a heavy woolen sweater. "Bundle up, you can do this," she says. The weight feels like a hug as I shrug on the sweater and take a few tentative steps. The feather duster leads my way into the neglected space.

"Here's a broom," MJ says. "It won't take long to clear that floor." With the broom I am able to find the desk and lamp that have been left here. I flick the switch and dust off the table, then the chair. The light leaves the space looking less daunting, and I turn my attention to sweeping the floor, clearing away all the remnants of time that have settled here and there. As promised, Wolf walks behind me, matching my every step.

A sound at the doorway draws my attention. Rubye and Barbara are holding a beautiful gilt tray. "Inspiration tea," Rubye says. "And Chocolate Creation cookies," Barbara adds. "Just a little sustenance for the journey."

Now, the aroma of Inspiration fills the room. I dance the broom into the dim corners, finish off the eaves with the duster. I am warmed by the wool and feel as though a bit of sunlight has been stashed here just for me. The sturdy desk chair is ready and waiting and I sit. A bite of cookie, a sip of tea, and I am ready.

I am not yet sure where this journey will take me, but I am looking forward to the discovery. I hope you will join me.

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MJ said...

I am warmed by your writing, Siobhan. Yes, there is sunlight in there for you!